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Hooked elastic bands are essential to avoid leaving ponytail creases (I would never reach for a scrunchie!

) And because I style most of my clients’ hair off their head, I always have an array of extensions.” Bone Comb, £11.95 Leo Bancroft Hair Bungee, £3.80 Beauty Works Deluxe Clip-In Extensions, from £100 What are your top tips for keeping hair healthy? Wash it 2-3 times a week, maximum, and only lather the roots and cleanse your scalp.

Maybe her plan is working because Neild's neighbor tells the mag that Neild and wife Gina "used to be very affectionate," but now they don't even "peck on the cheek." So not only does Neild have a crazy boss, he has a peeping Tom for a neighbor.

I can't wait to see what this magazine says when Lady Gaga has kids.

Of course, to current boyfriend Jesse James, this sounds like pretty admirable coming-of-age.

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth have ended their relationship, says Us Weekly.

Jennifer Aniston had yet another "secret rendezvous" with John Mayer, says OK! They were both working in town, and he came to her suite after a concert, and told her he was done hooking up with his groupies.

Presumably he capped that sentence with, "Except you, I mean." Angelina Jolie recently said Shiloh chooses her own clothes and that's why Shiloh is such a tomboy.

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