What is the difference between absolute and relative dating Freesexchat no membership

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The singularity at the center of a black hole is usually described as a point.However, this is a symptom of our paltry computational power back when black holes were first being theoretically researched. According to a variety of (modern/powerful) computer models, as a star collapses to form a black hole it often finds itself forming “singularity sheets” in areas where its density becomes large enough.In contrast, a black hole destroys the hell out of things, and doesn’t “go anywhere”.

Keep in mind that this coordinate system is more than a little bit weird.

Physicist: The short answer is: A worm hole is a “tube made of spacetime” that connects two different regions.

If it’s set up right, you could enter one side of the tube and exit the other end somewhere else, or even else.

Any finite time in the past (say, the beginning of the universe) would be slightly above the lower diagonal.

Now the point: you can write down a lot of the physics of general relativity in these coordinates and they look pretty good, so it like there’s something to them. General relativity treats the stuff on the left the same way it treats everything on the right (our universe).

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