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Press and copy Simplified or Traditional Chinese text from your browser, messeges, or other apps, and it automatically goes into the Pinyiner clipboard annotaded with Pinyin.Tap on a word there, and the English meaning(s) pop up.

Still, I have found no easier way to add Cantonese to your system for free. Canto Input was developed by a like me but apparently far smarter, named John Burket.When you download this, if the files are still hosted on don't click on the "download" button unless you want the source code.Click on the "executable version" text link below the description. « top CPIME is a free Cantonese phonetic input application for Windows that installs in your Language Bar like a Microsoft IME. Created by an individual developer (who has a Japanese name, interestingly enough), this input method does not auto-sort the candidate list by your frequency of usage, and you can only type one character at a time. But I think it works well enough to meet many users' needs, and it is after all free shareware. As of version 6.2.6 This free download adds many new Pinyin input features and often fixes problems with Chinese components in your system.See the Canto Fish Firefox add-on page for more info.« top Canto Input is a free Cantonese phonetic input application for any OS with Java installed.

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