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Behavioural problems were less likely among children living in families with higher levels of parental qualifications, it was disclosed.

Academics insisted further research was needed into the link between single parents and children’s behaviour.

The pair uses a potty in the room to go to the toilet because they don’t have a bathroom of their own – nor a shower, kitchen or washing facilities – and all the communal rooms that are shared by the other 40 to 50 residents are filthy.Some 12 per cent of children brought up by one parent displayed series behavioural problems by the age of seven, it was disclosed, compared with just six per cent of youngsters raised by both natural parents.Lisa Calderwood, from London University’s Institute of Education, said: “Living apart from natural fathers can be associated with poverty and negative outcomes for children.” Researchers are tracking children’s behaviour, school choice and cognitive development as part of the on-going Millennium Cohort Study, which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.The study called for further action to reduce teenage pregnancy to give children a more stable start in life."As these experiences are particularly concentrated among children of young mothers these findings provide support for policies aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy,” researchers said.

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