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The Department of Health yesterday had tracked down the study used in the contraception story and said the figures were released three weeks ago.

It showed that 59,000 girls under the age of 15 - i.e.

Things didn't get really serious until May," says Aaron.

Things got really serious, though, after Susan got pregnant during a caravanning holiday.

They are due to report to a mini- summit this spring and it is safe to say that we pay too high a price for teenage pregnancy for it to join those who want clinics banned from giving contraception to under-16s.

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is one of my favourite ‘ I have nothing to do this evening so I’ll watch TV’ shows. According to Google, that’s in Scotland – which might explain why you couldn’t place his accent, but also not because he doesn’t sound Scottish…

No parent likes to think that their child is having sex, and yet Brook Advisory Centres say that the age at which young people today report their first experience of sex is 14 for girls and 13 for boys.

(The age at which a majority of 16 to 24-year-olds lost their virginity was 17, however).

Sometimes they join the Teletubbies in having a bit of toast.

Then Aaron goes to school and Susan settles down in front of the television.

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