Serena williams dating rapper common

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Serena (35) and her sister Venus (36) initiated the center that offers assistance to victims of violence.

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Even though they eventually broke up for good later that year, Common has had nothing but kind things to say about his ex.Put it this way, I would have to find the right relationship.You know, a woman who understands the time that you gotta give. That’s really what it is.” “The hood knows what it is. She’s just one of those people from the hood that’s artsy, artistic, spiritual, she’s got a lot to her.” Kissy Denise – is a warrior, a survivor, a self-made woman and a source of inspiration.. According to TMZ, Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr, was seen 'chatting with Serena in the back of the center.' The rapper, who is also an actor, was distraught after his break-up with the tennis icon and had opened up about it last year."It was eventually a mutual breakup but she initiated it. We’ve got a great understanding and I care about her.

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