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A cam timer or drum sequencer is an electromechanical system for controlling a sequence of events automatically.

The switches then operate different elements of the controlled system - for example motors, valves, etc.

A programmer may change or rearrange (reprogram) peg or cam positions.

By arrangement of the cams and switches, complex sequences of opening and closing switches can be made.Cam timers and drum sequencers were primarily used with industrial machines to control repetitive sequencing operations. Cam timers in industry were superseded with the introduction of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which offer improved flexibility and more complicated control logic functions.The most common use for cam timers is in automatic washing machines, where they are used to drive the washing sequence according to a pre-programmed pattern.Electronic controllers have largely replaced cam timers for most applications, primarily to reduce costs, and also to maximise product features.Cam timers don't have the greater degree of flexibility that CPU-based controllers provide.

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