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It's the sole reason why i stopped/ended gaming(bought a game in store but sorry you can't play unless you're online).Surprisingly well written with realistically flawed characters based on a contrarian premise that was, in fact, the most reasonable one.Maybe if there's a 2nd Season which clears the story, but i found no signs/plans for that.

Disclaimer: for all purposes, this anime has actually 11 episodes.

All the characters (except the male lead) had personality, were fun, and quite enjoyable.

Although, the MASSIVE miscommunication and assumptions that the main characters make can be quite annoying at times, it was this and the interactions between the characters that make this as fun at it was!

The 12th follows the trend set by Eromanga Sensei: an OVA-like chapter out of the main story taking fanservice to the extreme, with an unconvincing narrative over how great is to spend your hard-earned money ONLY on videogames.

Fanservice fans and wealthy gamers will be pleased.

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