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To keep the story short I will say she had a killer body a pornstar big ass and and moaning all night "O la la" . And also some of the hotels all over Mada with rates of 300. All to often this thread goes dead for days if not weeks. Easy sex and and not commercial as girls are everywhere. The most important thing I can say that I came during sex which in mainland Africa I almost never manage to come even with porn star style body. Almost every girl will follow you to your room, street beach etc. -EU per night are catering for the group tourists (70% single ladies in the overcooked age), arriving in a lux 4 WD, flashing their Nikons and making pictures from the safe abode of the resort fence, not daring to set a foot on the outside dangerous countryside. I have only been to Tulear once a year ago and while I liked it I must admit I found it kind of dull and dusty. I think the round trip airfare cost as much as my round trip from KL to Tana! In Tamateve I hanged out with two girls that I met in Queens. It was 2 am when we got back to Queens to drink coffee cause I got sleepy and tired. But they told me they couldn't go anywhere at that time and wanted to stay with me. At 8 am I woke up and got shocked when I saw that girls have gone and my phone and money in my pant stolen. Don't you believe, you have been responsible of your situation? And usually, I hide also *gift money* in my clothes, in such a way I just have to take it in the morning, without opening a safe or my code big suit case.

Learn nbr 2: Thefts by girls happens all over the world. Don't you believe, that same situation, same consequence in Paris or New York? I read most of the posts here and happily saw that no one had theft story I had.Two very tall girls almost 190 cm very surrealistic like its taken from the same bars in "star wars" . Many girls starts to talk with me and some starts to massage my body. I have a 3 month visa and extensive knowledge about both Tana and Mada. Next day I did another search in badoo and so a so so girl with a bad photo clearly not my type but history shows that no my type kind of girls can be the best fuck ever. Hard to get cold drinks as you can find in bigger towns. She told me she can come any time so we set to meet at my hotel at pm. If anyone think I am exaggerating he better leaves "Mom basement" and get his ass to the capital food of Africa. What bothers you and not appreciating what they dont respect woman be sexy angel and devilish thoughts you never saw before make.Is there a stopover night possible in Antsirabe (heard of 2 busy nightclubs). If you stay on one of the bungalows on the beach you are basically fucked. The name of my hotel was Eden Rock next to Cottiss Morondava. Google map this place as cottiiss and "Eden rock" are both next to it. Eden Rock is a highly secure place, girls friendly at 41.5 K per night. Very exotic girls but when I looked more closely I realized that 90 percent are single Mom with flat ass or no ass at all. IF you try to jump from Manson windows you can land in hotel LE Riad its that close and perfect to get a few Thai style Manson girls and fuck them ST. Some look pornstar so for me Morondava girls can not compete in the look and engine HP department.

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