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If you accept your own imperfections, then you will be more tolerant of the imperfections of others.

If you accept your mistakes, then you will be more forgiving of others' mistakes.

Feelings of self-disdain and shame may run so deep that some people cannot allow anyone else to love them, no matter how much someone might try.

They either cannot recognize authentic love, since they have no frame of reference to which they can compare their experience, or they reject their potential partner because they cannot imagine that anyone worth having would want them.

It's only when you operate from the basis of being a whole person with good self-esteem that you can find love based on want and not on need.

If you believe you're unworthy of love, you will attract partners who treat you as if you are.

"then old it over the candle chanting "Potens Xul facere (persons name/bodypart) a altus sensitiva erogenous zone" do this 8 times and picture that spot on their body glowing orange, then burn the peice of paper."So sensual! "Your Not gonna steal my Boyfriend Your not Gonna Steal my boyfriendand that's final verdict.^ there chant it 2 times"YOU' RE NOT GOING TO STEAL MY -- sorry -- YOUR NOT GONNA STEAL MY BOYFRIEND!

"chant: MUNUS SIGSIGGA AG BARA YEINNIN AGGISH XASHXUR GISHNU URMASHAZIGA BARA YEZIGASHUBBA NA AGSISHAMAZIGANAMAZA YE INNIN DURRE ESH AKKIUGU AGBA ANDAGUB! "put it in a glass(i would recomend a spray bottle)then spritz some in your mouth,and the first boy or girl you stare at you both will fallatoumaticallyin love!!!!!!!!

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One of the most important things you can leam from nurturing an authentic and loving relationship with yourself is acceptance.

You are going to start the month of October off right with enchanting treats to cast your very own sassy, romantic, teasing, and flirty love spell. Grab a small can of your favorite planters peanuts and a couple bags of the best mini Halloween candy around.

Lastly print off this adorable Sassy Love Spell Treats printable to cover your can.

If you respect your needs, your partner will as well.

If you listen to and honor your inner messages, your partner will respect your inner radar.

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