Intimidating german last names

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Health and Security Germany is known for being one of the safest countries in the Europe Union, and while you could possibly find yourself on some of Earth's safest spots in Germany's smaller towns and villages, travelling in larger cities can be dangerous.

These telephones contact an operator who will inform the appropriate emergency services.It is also a good idea to bring any prescription drugs from your home country with you for the duration of your stay abroad.While you probably will be able to find equivalent drugs in Germany, you will need a doctor's prescription.Motorized police units, known as the "Verkehrspolizei", look after safety on the streets, roads and motorways, and can be identified by their white hats, while uniformed policemen patrolling city streets have a hat that is the same color as their uniform.Those policemen who are responsible for criminal offences, known as the Kriminalpolizei, are usually dressed in plain clothes, and show their identification only when necessary.

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