German railpass s bahn validating stamp

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I just love receiving comments, suggestions, and most importantly - your travel experiences. The trains are generally on time, clean and comfortable, but one should remember to take some cash with you - Credit Cards might not be accepted.And I just may publish them here to share your great stories, journeys and adventures with other readers. A ticket allows you to board the train, but does not guarantee you a seat.You'd probably like to visit the official site of the State Railway (Ferrovie dello Stato). European trains, including German Rail, are among the best in the world. The popular Inter Regio express trains zoom across country borders, connecting major European cities.Europe's fastest trains, the French TGV and Germany's ICE (Inter City Express), are technologically ahead of anything running on U. The normal, everyday Inter City (IC) and Euro City (EC) trains crisscross Europe, offering convenient connections to cities inside and outside Germany.An alternative is booking at the travel agent, most of them sell train tickets for all destinations.Expect to pay more for a ticket bought through an travel agency.Look for logos and/or a sign (sometimes handwritten) that mentions " Kreditkarten" or "credit cards." You can't just walk up to any ticket window and expect to use your card, even though that is common practice in most of the world.(The Austrian and Swiss railroads are a little better in this regard.) Recently, even in Frankfurt's busy main station, only a limited few ticket windows offered credit card acceptance.

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The travellers outside of Europe might not be used to the standard of locating trains numbers, destinations and times.The train name, number, time and the track/bin number are written on the train announcement boards.The platform number should be written in white to show that it is valid for the period of your travel.Remember to make a seat reservation to have a guaranteed seat on the train.This is especially important during the "high season" or Italian holidays (especially: August - whole month, Christmas and New Years, long weekends, etc.).

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