Gentoo driver sd needs updating

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This series of steps yielded a successful custom/updated hardfp kernel to a stock Raspbian installation, cross compiled from an AMD 64-bit Debian system without regression on any kernel configuration options or requiring modified boot parameters.Be aware that in the worst case, you may need to overlay a stock set of kernel/modules/firmware on the Raspberry Pi if something fails.

Assuming this is not an issue for your configuration, continue onward: The Raspberry Pi should now boot with the newly configured/recompiled kernel.

The low processing power of the Raspberry Pi means that a local compile will take many hours.

A compilation of the latest kernel and modules took about 752 minutes (12h30m)!

If you want to compile an upstream kernel, rather than the Raspberry Pi Foundation's downstream kernel, please see RPi_Upstream_Kernel_Compilation for a few tips.

This section serves to hold a new user's hand just a bit more than some of the other more generic information below in the document.

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