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Step 1: Download Skype OR use a cell phone or land line Step 2: Make sure you have a headset or a microphone Step 3: Call the username limitbreakradio OR dial 810-515-8715 Step 4: Leave a voicemail Pretty easy, no? A talent not just behind the mic, but in all things audio, he is sometimes referred to by fellow LBR crew members as an “audiomancer”.

Voicemails are limited to 10 minutes in length and be sure to include your character name and server. In Eorzea, Aniero is the darkest of Dark Knights wielding his great sword with deadly precision and bloodthirsty enthusiasm.

He now serves as the show punching bag and professional joke butt.

Lately, he has taken more of an interest in streaming, and plans to take the stream part time come November when he will begin streaming 30 hours a week.

After 23 years living as a hermit in the mountains of Tibet, he emerged, ready to podcast once more.

Aniero contacted him around that time and plans for the return of Limit Break Radio were soon going full force.

Aniero has hosted Limit Break Radio from its very inception and helped launch and host the very first Final Fantasy XIV podcast Aetheryte Radio as well as play a crucial producing or hosting role in countless FFXI related projects such as Radio XI, the Limit Break Radio Network, Today in Van’diel, Extra Life and Vana Fest live coverage and Fan Fest specials.

He is considered by some an “OG” of the Final Fantasy podcasting world.

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