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As Donald Trump and the Republicans this week start to dismantle Barack Obama’s landmark health care reforms, what they cannot surely take from his legacy is the former president’s integrity.

And yet even this may have to be reconsidered with the publication of the most exhaustive biography of the former president ever written.

He ‘made a huge impact’ on the future president, particularly in his understanding of gay issues, says Garrow.

Sheila Miyoshi Jager, now a university professor, is possibly one of the great loves of Obama's life.

And she wasn’t a brief dalliance but it is claimed possibly one of the great loves of his life — and a woman who, she says, he continued to see even after he had begun a relationship with his future wife, Michelle Robinson.

At university — Occidental College — in Los Angeles, Barry took part in his dorm’s nightly beer and cannabis binges, occasionally snorting cocaine, too.

He was ‘always vague’ about his family — until, one night when he took psychedelic ‘magic mushrooms’ and, said fellow student Sim Heninger, ‘just came unglued, he was a mess’.

It portrays him as a man whose romantic choices were influenced by his political ambition.

It isn’t the first time, although it’s the most damning example, that Obama has been the subject of a biographer who has seemingly found discrepancies in his own account of his life, set out in his 1995 memoir Dreams From My Father.

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