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Credit card interest rates can range from as low as nought per cent for introductory offers, to as high as 30 per cent or more.

Store cards tend to have the highest interest rates.

Follow our tips to start to reduce the amount you owe and gradually regain control of your finances.

You wouldn't keep your cash in five separate bank accounts. Keep one card in your purse - the one with the lowest interest rate - and cut up the others.

Nevertheless, following our advice will hold you in good credit health.

It's easy to think that your debt is too big to deal with.

For just £2 you can get a paper copy of your credit check in the post.So, you could just join up, get the free month, then stop.If you’ve learnt your lesson, or your circumstances have changed so that you have more money now and you know what to do with it, you’ll want to clean up your credit record so that you can make your money work for you.The higher your score, the greater chance you have of getting the best credit deals. In fact it takes at least six months – probably more like a year – to get a better credit score, particularly if you’ve been made bankrupt in the last few years.Here’s what you do: There are a few cards on the market now that are specifically for people who have no credit history or a bad credit history.

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