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incest/sexual abuse, loss of a loved one.2) Relationship therapy (including gay relationships) to improve emotional and sexual intimacy, communication, dealing with the impact of an affair/betrayal.3)Family therapy to support members through life changing events like divorce, death, illness, addictions, adjustment to step families, or dealing with the "empty nest".

Special Interest : ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS: I can assist with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, post-natal depression, identity difficulties, trauma, bereavement CHILDREN: I offer parent-infant psychotherapy, play therapy, and family therapy for childhood difficulties such as ADHD, separation anxiety, trauma, attachment difficulties, loss and bereavement, behavioural problems, academic difficulties ASSESSMENTS: I am trained to offer psychological assessments aimed at personality, neurological functioning, developmental difficulties, intellectual functioning and emotional problems Special Interest : Individual psychotherapy Couple and family counselling Play Therapy (aged 6 upwards)Parent-child relationship issues Adolescent psychotherapy Depression, anxiety, bereavement, personality and relationship issues.

These include: Depression Anxiety, stress, burnout Coping skills Interpersonal difficulties Trauma counselling Self-esteem issues Anger management Bereavement/grief counselling Adjustment to new life circumstances Post-natal depression or difficulties Self discovery, self awareness and self acceptance I also perform various ASSESSMENTS to evaluate: School Readiness Scholastic difficulties Learning problems ADD/ADHD and concentration problems Career and subject choice Emotional functioning Cognitive ability, personality and emotional intelligence to aid in selection of new employees and/or promote employee development Fees are aligned to medical aid rates Special Interest : Individual therapy with adults and children (Using hypnotherapy and/or creative media like music, art and visualization for situations of stress, burnout, depression, emotional problems, lack of motivation or vitality, life transitions and relationship problems.)Hypnotherapy Expressive Arts therapy Emotional assessment of Children Group therapy for Children Group Trauma debriefing Mandala Research Assessment (MARI)*Expressive Arts therapy training and group sessions for adults Special Interest : In my private practice, I work with children, adolescents and adults who present with a variety of problems.

These include: Anger Management Social Skills Conflict management Communication Skills Assertiveness Training Goal Setting Problem Solving Strategies Emotional Intelligence Boundary and limit setting Stress Management Anxiety Depression Self-Esteem Work Related problems Relationship problems Bereavement and loss Trauma Counselling Parent Guidance Scholastic and learning assessments (such as ADD/ADHD, reading and mathematical disorders)Hypnotherapy Special Interest : Volwassenes Pare Tieners Depressie Paniek aanvalle Algemene Angsprobleme Spesifieke vrese (fobie)Sosiale angs Trauma (PTSD)Obessessies/Kompulsies (OCD)Bipolr Verhoudingsprobleme Voorhuwelikse voorbereiding Moeilike tieners Adults Couples Adolescents Depression General Anxiety problems Specific fears (Phobia)Panic Attacks Social Anxiety problems Obsessions/Compulsions (OCD)Bipolar Relationship problems Marriage Preparation Difficult Adolescents Special Interest : -Individual therapy for adolescents-play therapy for children-Assessments (psycho-educational, emotional, developmental, career and school readiness).-Parental Counselling and Psycho-education.

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Special Interest : Individual Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy.

Special Interest : Individual psychdynamic therapy for adults and adolescents. Trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, loss and bereavment. Special Interest : I offer a range of psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults.

Parent-infant-psychotherapy Under 5s therapy Children and play therapyo Anxiety o Trauma and sexual abuse o Behavioural problems (school refusal, stealing, ADHD)o Depression and bereavemento Life adjustment difficulties o Eating and sleeping problems o Bedwetting o Self-esteem and social issues Adult and adolescent individual therapyo Relationship difficulties o Depression, Postnatal depression, Bereavement o Adjustment difficulties (work, divorce, marriage)o Anxiety o Self-harm and suicidal behaviourso Trauma o Couples therapy o Personal growth Full psychological assessments for children and adolescents o Cognitive/Intellectual o Emotional o School readiness Special Interest : I work with children, adolescents and adults.

- Trauma & behaviour difficulties in children & adolescents - Learning, mood & anxiety difficulties in children & adolescents Special Interest : Subject Choice Assessments Aptitude Assessments Personality Assessments Interest Assessments Career guidance Gr 11 and Gr 12Mid Career Guidance Mid Career Changes Study Methods, Study Techniques Psychometric Assessments for Recruitment and Selection, Personal Development, and Succession Planning Purposes Special Interest : I work with adults, adolescents, children and couples. Divorce Mediation Parenting Plans for Family Advocate Office Special Interest : Couple Therapy, Logotherapy (finding meaning and purpose despite the suffering), adolescence, personal growth, mentoring, supervision, maximising potential, self-empowerment and creating balance.

My special interests include:* Anxiety and panic attacks* Depression* Trauma* Adult survivors of abuse* Bereavement and loss* Anger* Identity issues* Cutting and other forms of self-harm* Relationship difficulties* Dissociation - uncontrollably feeling "spaced out"* Feeling out of control* Major psychiatric conditions* Parental guidance / counselling Special Interest : I do psycho-educational assessments of children. I do school-readiness assessments, help with subject choices, career counselling, play therapy, home programmes, sand tray therapy, parental guidance, I also do assessments for special examination concessions (GDE and IEB), psychological reports, forensic reports, divorce recovery for children, adolescents and parents. Special Interest : I specialise in couples and marital counselling having trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and using Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy techniques.

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