Ethiopian women for dating

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That is why you will find an Ethiopian woman to be loyal and a very good wife throughout.

Keeping the above points as they are, Ethiopian women might take the relationshiop a bit low profile until you prove to be the right one.

Unfortunately I only remember the word “sharmuta,” which means bitch / whore (apparently in many languages).

“The Ethiopian girls he dated would always cook for him and even come over and take care of him when he was sick. I wish I could have stayed longer but I worked a corporate job at the time and I couldn’t get off more than a week.” By now she will be exploding with curiosity, but I will be restrained in showing interest.

Make sure she is more comfortable with you before a single and simple kiss - yeah I know.. If you show some effort to throw some words in her language, it will flatter her out.

During your early dating days, unless it comes from her, don't take her out to Ethiopian Restaurants especially the one near to where she lives. If you happen to be a non-ethiopian guy, chances are high to please her if you catch a few words in her language. Also, try to pick some videos from youtube that you like the melody of and ask her what that is saying or if that is her favorite.

It’s like setting out on a journey, going to some place you don’t know.

You are actually looking for someone you’ve never seen, hoping that you’ll become friends and eventually get married.

Most children are raised to listen than to speak especially before the elders and guests.

The country is home to the two biggest religions of the world - christinity and islam.

An Ethiopian girl born and raised in both religions share pretty much the same kind of conservativeness.

Especially girls are raised to be more respectful to their family and relatives.

To know their cultural food and housekeeping methodologies since childhood.

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