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"They were very disappointed when there was no answer," Le Maho said.

"Next time we will have a rover playing songs." At other times, the rover crowded in with a group of chicks, acting as "a spy in the huddle," Le Maho said.

The volunteers could view as many photos as they wanted, and their classifications were recorded.

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“We can see how each species has moved around a 700 square mile area month by month for the past three years,” says Packer. In all, 32,935 registered volunteers (and almost as many unregistered users) classified 1.54 million photographic sequences.The king penguins attacked the small rover with their beaks, unless it stayed still, but that still allowed the device to get close enough to get readings.The large lumbering elephant seals didn't budge when the rover zipped by and around them.If the first 10 people showed any disagreement in their classifications, the photo was kept online until they were assessed by 25 different people, whereupon we accepted the plurality vote.” And how did the citizens perform?“It turns out that, collectively, citizen scientists are extremely good in correctly identifying the species in these photos: compared to the judgements of a panel of experts who have viewed a selection of 4,400 photos, the Snapshot volunteers were correct about 97% of the time!

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