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After looking around my place for a few moments, I decided to snag a picture of Vienna's beautiful snatch and that's when she caught me staring at her pussy!

To my surprise, this luscious Latina offered to let me pet her pussy so I carried her back into the living room and started to eat her out!

would be intresting to know if theres any truth behind it! we have a little girl and i'd really like a boy this time but were going to let it be a suprise, i've been craving savoury things too.

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My husband already has a wee boy so we would both like a girl but we would be happy either way.

Our hospital doesn't let you find out the sex so we can't find out even if we wanted too.

i was told a heartbeat of 140 plus when done by mw indicates a girl and it would seem to be true for me xx I was crazy about sweet things throughout both of my pregnancies.

With my DD I couldn't get enough of grilled lamb chops and with my DS it was ice cold sparkling water and tinned peaches ha ha.

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