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Male pleasure is everythign to me and even though I'm ultimately not gay.I respect men so much up[ to the point of worship that I would gladly let someone that was born with a penis use my ass if they wanted to. Some loose and are born with a gaping hole between their legs. I'm a closeted bisexual guy and since I was in my early teens I had always wanted to suck some cock.

if i didnt he was going to make me get castrated by a doctor he knows .

He asked me if I wanted to go to his house I shook no cause I was too scared, I wish I had said yes still regret it.

Anyway I kept sucking for a couple more minutes when someone knocked on the door.

Even though this group is meant to display both men and women sepperatelly though in very different emotional states.. I want to emphasize the strong male figure vs the weak female piece of rape meat. I had read stories about what happens there so I went to try my luck.

I got lost twice on my way there but I finally found it.

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