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Bans can be as short as 12 hours or as long as forever depending on your behavior and counting strikes. Rules for cussing is very lenient in these rooms, but still must adhere to not cussing at or about another user.

We typically go by the 3-strike-rule, but some special people manage to earn permanent bans on their first or second try. Illegal drug and sexual references may not be used.

If you are a victim or a witness in any of these situations, please report it to an available Administration member. We are here to help you and we have the power to take action, as well as answer any questions you have. If there are no Admins online, please fill out a Problem Ticket (accessible from the Map interface) and it will be dealt with in a timely manner. Before you participate in this site, you must read them all the way through. PG dialogue only, But the only exception is that roleplaying is allowed in this room. PG-13 rules still apply but you can be more lenient with your language in this room.

Keep scrolling text history logs (the saved sections of the scroll where the event happened), record the time, date, and the room location. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these rules as well as our Terms of Service. All Aged RP rooms- Same rules apply for this type of room as for room “a”. To know what is appropriate, try comparing your chatting with that in shows you may have seen, such as The Simpson’s. Illegal Drug and sexual references may not be used; which will be covered in more detail later on this page. Rooms for users 15 are for users who are of the age 15 or older.

These are the minimum ban lengths you will incur for the following death threat scenarios:3 days to a Week for Roleplay based death Threats in a Roleplay or Private room 1 Month for Roleplay based death threats outside of a Roleplay or Private room. Any suicide threats in public chat or on users sniffs are not allowed. Using a death threat towards another user is not allowed.

A permanent ban will be placed if the death threat is not felt to be of a Roleplay like nature. That includes apps/images that include suicidal subjects, the talk of harming yourself, talk of lethally harming yourself; in any abstract or tangible way. It does not matter if they upset you or you do not like the user.

If someone uses your account and gets banned, this ban will count towards you in the future - no exceptions. It is against the rules and will be explained further later on.

This includes allowing others to use your email account(s) to gain access to Sirisola. Illegal drug and sexual references may not be used. Rooms for users 18 are for adults only from age eighteen up.

Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or legal authority.

Chat Room Ratings: This chatland is one that has certain age ratings to accommodate many different users. There will be no R rated dialogue in these rooms that include the following; cybersex (yiffing), illegal substances, talking of weapons in a threatening or violent manner, etc. Admins will not be lenient on users who are sexually harassing another user. Bashing is the public ranting of a subject, usually focused on a group or race.

When you are online on Sirisola , you will notice the names of our rooms have age ratings in them. Remember that these rules apply to all rooms whether or not everyone is comfortable about the subject or if they are old enough, for example; everyone in an all aged room is over the age of fifteen but wants to use PG-13 dialogue. You must adhere to all rules all the time for every room rating. This partially goes with cursing, but includes words that can torment users that are not considered cursing. Any sexual innuendos used towards another user can be considered harassment. Any sexual slander towards a user is sexual harassment and this chatland has zero tolerance for it. Racial slurs include any prejudice or stereotypical comments that degrade a race. This includes but is not limited to sexual orientations, gender, race, job, sports teams, etc.

This rule still applies to the RP (role-play) rooms.

We also ask that you not talk about causing self-harm on the chat: it can really affect other people emotionally, often due to personal experiences in their lives, and though it may seem callous, we need to watch out for everyone.

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